dandelions - 日本短篇電影<BREAKERS>主題曲

作詞:Miyuu    作曲:Miyuu

My father always said that dandelions
Dreamed of settling
Underground to bloom

But somehow I always knew
This couldn't be true

Maybe dandelion seeds want
To keep traveling in a dance so
Free floating forever in the air

My mother and I saw a dolphin lying dead
On the shore when I was young

She said“Poor thing He was
Killed cause he left his flock”

But my heart whispered
That nothing can be wrong
With exploring all alone

What is it worth to live in this
Pitiful world?

Where is the savor
Who will take me
Somewhere somehow so far
From here…

My friends from childhood
Used to put on costumes with
Me and laugh without a care

Now they wear their uniforms with pride
While I feel empty inside
like something could be lost forever

I want to find a path
That leads into the open wild
And follow it with the mind
Of a fearless child